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Details and Specifications

Digital Multi-Chek7® Celsius


Key Features

  • Exclusive 7-in-1 diagnostic tool for vehicle fluids
  • ASTM/ISO compliant with accurate, digital technology
  • Rugged, durable, IP65-proven tough
  • Unmatched precision and utility
  • Compact, palm-sized, ergonomic design
  • 10,000 plus measurements per battery change

Peace of mind for your customers. Increased profit for your business

• Customers rely on service providers to keep their vehicles safe and reliable. So it is important for providers to use state of the art digital diagnostic instruments to assure customers that they are receiving the highest level of service. The Multi-Chek7® is this kind of instrument, creating customer satisfaction, loyalty, and perhaps referrals of friends and family!

• Service centers will see increased profits by using the Multi-Chek7® because customers can see the read out and easily understand the need for fluid servicing or replacement. And, one additional fluid service per day generates tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue per year.

Technical Specifications:

Catalog Number 13940029
Measurement Method Digital Refractometer
Reading Scale Engine Coolant Freeze Point
Engine Coolant % Concentration
AdBlue (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) % Concentration
Windshield Wash Freeze Point
Battery Electrolyte Specific Gravity
DOT4 Brake Fluid Boiling Point
DOT4 PLUS Brake Fluid Boiling Point
Measurement Range

Engine Coolant: 0° thru -57°C
Engine Coolant: 0 thru 95%
AdBlue (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) 0 thru 50%
Windshield Wash: 0° thru -54°
Battery Electrolyte Specific Gravity: 1.000 thru 1.463SG
DOT4: 125° thru 275°C
DOT4 PLUS: 150° thru 275°C


Engine Coolant: 0.3°C
Engine Coolant: 1%
AdBlue (Diesel Exhaust Fluid): 0.1%
Windshield Wash: 1°C
Battery Electrolyte Specific Gravity: 0.003SG
DOT4: 3°C

Dimensions 54 x 27 x 100 mm
Weight 100 grams
Comfort/Ergonomics Detachable neck lanyard and rubber side grips for ease of handling.
Power 2 AAA Batteries, included
Power Management 10,000 readings, Auto-Off Sleep Mode
Ratings IP65 Dust proof/Water Resistant, CE, RoHS, and WEEE compliant.
Factory Warranty One year
Accessory Holster Case Catalog 13941000 (cell phone type available)
(US Only)
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