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Read what physicians are saying about Reichert Analytical Instruments.

“The Reichert UNISTAT® Bilirubinometer gives us reliable, fast results! It is very easy to use at point of care and the implementation was easy - I installed all 33 units at our facilities myself! This was a huge benefit, and helped keep our costs down. In addition, the supplies are very low cost, shelf life for the QC standards is great and the QC results are accurate.

Our practice wants to provide high quality point of care, with a goal of diagnosis and treatment without the need for a repeat visit. Implementing the Reichert UNISTAT® Bilirubinometer enabled us to achieve this objective.

Prior to the Reichert instrument, we had trouble getting the QC to pass regularly and there were issues with slide supply.   In addition, the results were not reliable, and I eventually recommended that we search for a new solution.

We now have stable, reliable results, and we get them quickly. Confidently making decisions at point of care is crucial for our practice! Providing patient results while they are still in the office reduces parent anxiety, eliminates costly follow-up calls, and involvement of additional staff later on or the next day. It also eliminates the potential for a child‘s condition to worsen while waiting for results.

We are opening three new offices this year, and we’re putting a Reichert UNISTAT® Bilirubinometer in each one.”

Monique Hayden – Lab Manager
Pediatric Associates (Plantation, FL)

Here's another testimonial for the Reichert UNISTAT® Bilirubinometer...

“The Reichert UNISTAT® Bilirubinometer is fantastic! It requires only a small specimen and we have results in seconds. The results are dead on, so we don’t have to worry about over or under-treating. In the past, we used a huge, monstrous device. It was unreliable, and the results were inaccurate compared to the hospital testing. I now have the clinical confidence to make decisions about patient care while they are still in the office.

Point of Care bilirubin measurement is important to our practice to meet the needs of patients and save staff time. We want to serve as many needs for our patients as possible in our facility. We don’t want to lose patient contact by not having something we can easily do in the office. A practice loses a lot when you don’t have immediate decision making. Arranging logistics and getting patients on the phone after the fact is inefficient, and causes unnecessary anxiety for parents."

Dr. Ben Spitalnick

President, Pediatric Associates of Savannah, PC