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Digital DEF-Chek®

Digital DEF-Chek®

Part #13940013

Meets ASTM D7821-12 Standard test method for field determination of urea concentration in Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

Digital instrument for testing Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Maintain optimal SCR performance and keep rolling at 32.5% concentration, 100% of the time

ISO 22241 international standard requires diesel exhaust fluid to have a concentration of 32.5% ultra pure urea in deionized water. The acceptable tolerance is +/- 0.7%. The Reichert DEF-Chek® accurately measures theconcentration of diesel exhaust fluid within +/- 0.1%. Any other concentration compromises the SCR system, which may be monitored by the EPA to meet the tail pipe emissions target required by its Tier 2 standards.

The Reichert DEF-Chek® digital instrument accurately measures DEF for the right urea content detecting whether the fluid will do its job in the exhaust system. The world's smallest DEF testing device offers quick, automatic digital measurements in seconds and provides over 10,000+ measurements on two AAA batteries.

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