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Catalog #14004000

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The Density4 density meter continues Reichert’s tradition of providing robust and reliable analytical instruments for the needs of many industries.

With the push-of-a-button this instrument provides accurate density measurements of liquids for analysis and quality control. Condensed into a compact, robust, stand-alone unit, this density meter is a reliable workhorse for the laboratory, resisting damage from demanding applications. 

The Density4 features an exclusive plug and play replaceable pre-calibrated measurement cell exchange for the lowest maintenance costs and shortest downtime.

Part of the Reichert flexible modular system, this density meter easily combines with Reichert’s new AR Series refractometers, AR9 and AR5, and polarimeters, Polar2 and Polar3, for the simultaneous determination of measurements.

The Density4 is accurate to 4 places. An intuitive, user-friendly operating system and the large, color touchscreen interface reduce setup time.

The Universal Display is an accessory for this instrument.

Watch the video! As part of their "labtube meets" series, Technology Networks spent some time with our own Charlie Smith, Analytical Instruments Sales Manager, at PITTCON this year to talk about our exciting, new line of benchtop instruments.

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