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Illuminated Stand, 220V with EU Cord

Part #13104080

The illuminated table stand is compatible with the Reichert Goldberg series precision refractometers. These are the Reichert TS Meter, Reichert Brix, and Reichert Salinity refractometers. This stand allows the technician to securely attach their refractometer into a stable and durable table top stand, thus converting their hand held refractometer into a benchtop configuration. This is very useful for applications that require high volume throughput measurements.

Also, this is beneficial in applications such as measuring Urine Specific Gravity and Plasma Protein concentrations, where the technician desires additional safety measures when handling these fluids. The refractometer is mounted on a pivoting arm that allows the technician to adjust the refractometer position at the light source to obtain the best image illumination. This aids in reading the shadowline intersect to the measurement scale.

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