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NaCl Calibration Kit - Preservative Added

Part #13107041

NaCl 4 piece kit - preservative added to extend shelf life to 6 months. For customers in the US.

The NaCl Calibration Kit consists of 4 separate calibrators packaged in 25ml bottles.  Certificate comes with kit. Typical range of calibrators (note that lot to lot values* may vary slightly).

2% - Refractive Index value of 1.33651 / Equivalent USG value of 1.0102

4% - Refractive Index value of 1.340016 / Equivalent USG value of 1.0197

6% - Refractive Index value of 1.343522 / Equivalent USG value of 1.0285

10% - Refractive Index value of 1.350549 / Equivalent USG value of 1.0444

* Above values are referenced at 20ºC

Order from Customer Service at (716) 686-4582.


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